Create a Chart Widget

Use the Chart Widget Properties window (accessed from within the Widget Manager) to create a Chart Widget.

To create a Chart Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. In the Type drop-down list, select Chart.

  3. Define the following properties:
    • General: Default title, refresh, and exclude from filter properties.
    • Series: Define one or multiple data series to display in the Chart Widget, and the properties for each series.
    • X-Axis: How the x-axis looks and behaves (example: Value type and units, and label, indexing, and value display options).
    • X-Axis Sorting: How x-axis values are sorted (example: By type, label, query, Lookup Table, etc.).
    • Y-Axes: How one or more y-axes look and behave (example: Labels and scale; the scale can be calculated or fixed).
    • Legends: How the legend looks and behaves (example: Visibility, docking, and alignment).
    • Display: How the chart itself looks and behaves (example: Items to show, color palette, animation, and Dashboard Theme color/style overrides.