Define Slices for a Doughnut/Pie Chart Widget

Use the Slices page (accessed from within the Chart Series window) to define the values to display in the Doughnut/Pie Chart Widget. Each value will be a slice.

Properties include:

  • Field Name: Field whose values will be displayed as slice in the pie chart (example: Status Field—values might be New, Assigned, In Progress, etc.).
  • Lookup Sorting: The Lookup Table and field values to use for sorting the values of slices.

    Pie Chart Status ExampleDoughnut Chart Status Example

    The Chart Series window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a chart widget, and then add a series.

To define slices for a doughnut/pie chart widget:

  1. Create a Chart Widget.
  2. In the Chart Series window, select the Slices page.
  3. Select the field and values to display as slices:
    1. Field name: Select the field whose values will be displayed as slices in the doughnut/pie chart (example: Status values—New, Assigned, In Progress, etc.). Available fields are limited to the widget's selected field type (example: Date/Time, Number, Text, or Logical).
    2. Use Foreign Key: You can enable the use of a foreign key on the drill-down of the value. When you drill down into a single value in a chart widget, it displays a record list. Enabling the use of foreign key lookup ensures the use of the validation ID property, so results return matching records created in all cultures. The check box is only visible and applicable to fields that are configured for globalization and validated against a localized lookup table.
  4. Define lookup sorting properties for the values of the slices:
    1. Lookup Table: Select a Lookup Table to use to sort values for the series.
    2. Source Field: Select a source field from the Lookup Table. Only fields that are of the same type as the field name selection are shown.
    3. Target Field: Select a target field from the Lookup Table. Only fields that are of the same type specified in the x-axis sorting options are shown.

      If a value from a source field matches the value of a slice in the series, the value from the target field for that record is used. Otherwise, the slice value is used as-is.

  5. Select OK.