Applying Cultures to mApps

You can apply cultures to mApp Solutions if multiple cultures are enabled and you have applied Language Packs that include translations for the enabled cultures.

The enabled cultures are included with the mApp® Solution, along with translations for definitions included in the mApp Solution.

To apply cultures to a mApp Solution:

  1. Create a mApp Solution.
  2. Define mApp Solution properties for the culture currently selected in CSM Administrator.
  3. Use the culture selector to change to each culture enabled for your system, and then define mApp Solution properties for each culture.
    If you do not define mApp Solution properties for each enabled culture, properties for the default culture are applied.
  4. Prepare a mApp Solution for distribution and verify that mApp Solution properties have been defined for all cultures included in the mApp Solution.
  5. Apply the mApp Solution. The cultures and translations included in the mApp Solution will be listed on the Localization page of the Apply mApp Wizard.

For more information on modifying multi-language mApp Solutions, see the Applying a mApp to a Globalized System free Video Learning Library course.