Create a mApp Solution

Use the Create a New mApp Solution task in the CSM Administrator main window to create a mApp Solution.

When you create a mApp Solution, you:

  • Define general mApp Solution properties, including name, description, display image, etc. You can also define mApp Solution Features to group subsections of definitions together.
  • Add various definitions and items (Business Objects, CSM Items, and Business Object data) to the mApp Solution and specify how they will be merged into the target system.

To create a mApp Solution:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the mApps category, and then click the Create a New mApp task.

    A mApp Solution is created, and its interface, the mApp Solution Editor, opens. By default, the Object Manager is displayed in the mApp Editor’s Main pane. The mApp Solution is unnamed (called New mApp*) until saved to a named mApp Solution Blueprint file (.mAppBP).

  2. Define mApp Solution properties.
  3. Save the mApp Solution to a named .mAppBP file (File>Save As).
  4. Add definitions and items to the mApp Solution:
    • Use the Add Business Object to mApp Solution Wizard to walk through the process of adding Business Objects and their associated Fields, Relationships, Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements.
    • Use the mApp Solution Options button Add to [variable here] Button (or right-click item>Add to mApp) in CSM Item Managers to add CSM Items (example: One-Step Actions, Dashboards, Saved Searches, etc.).
    • Use the Edit Data task within a mApp Solution to manage (add, edit, delete) data in a Supporting Object or Lookup Object (only available if Show in Table Management is checked in the Business Object's properties).
    • Use the Security Group Manager and the Role Manager to add predefined Security Groups and/or Roles.
  5. Save changes to the named open mApp Solution (click the Save button Save Button). You can also view the changes that will be made to the target system's definitions.

    Periodically scan your mApp Solution to find potential errors.

    When ready, you can prepare the mApp Solution for distribution, and then distribute the file directly to potential Users, or submit it to the mApp Solution Exchange. System administrators apply the mApp Solution to CSM systems using the Apply a mApp Solution.