Consolidating Lookup Tables

The Content Optimization Tool detects duplicate values across multiple Lookup Table Fields and gives you the option of consolidating them into a single Lookup Table.

For example, if multiple Lookup Tables contain values of "Active," "New," and "Retired," the Content Optimization Tool selects one Lookup Table to store the values and converts the remaining tables to use that Lookup Table.

Important: Read the information in Optimizing Content for Localization before you use the Content Optimization Tool.

To consolidate Lookup Tables:

  1. Run the Content Optimization Tool.
  2. Select the Consolidate Lookup Tables tab.
  3. Review the recommended selections and the information in these columns:
    Lookup Fields Shows the Lookup Table and Field that duplicate values will be converted to use.
    LookupsShows the Lookup Tables and Fields that will be converted.
    ValuesShows the duplicate values in the specified Lookup Tables.
  4. Select the Consolidate check box for each set of duplicate values you want to convert.
  5. Select the Consolidate Lookup Tables tab to review options.