Optimizing Content for Localization

The Content Optimization Tool assesses your content and makes recommendation for changes to help prepare your content for translation, particularly strings used for Lookup Tables. You can choose to keep the recommended changes or make your own changes based on the tool's assessment.

Before You Get Started

Caution: The Content Optimization Tool can potentially make significant changes, including schema changes, to your system. Before you proceed, read this entire topic and follow the steps and guidance provided.

About the Content Optimization Tool

The tool can:

Guidelines for Optimizing Content

Follow these guidelines to optimize your content:

  1. Always use the Content Optimization Tool in a test environment before you run the tool on your production system.
  2. Carefully review each tab and each selected item before you finalize your changes.
  3. Always save a log file when you use the tool. This will help you troubleshoot issues you find after you run the tool.