Upgrade Existing Validated Fields

The Content Optimization Tool can enable foreign key support for validated Fields and apply localization support to Lookup Tables and validation Fields in those objects.

The tool will also increase the size of Fields as needed when localization is enabled for those Fields.

Important: Read the information in Optimizing Content for Localization before you use the Content Optimization Tool.

To upgrade existing validated Fields:

  1. Run the Content Optimization Tool.
  2. Select the Upgrade Existing Validated Fields tab.
  3. Review the recommended selections and the information in these columns:
    Validated FieldShows Fields that validate from a Lookup Table.
    Validation Business ObjectShows the Business Object that contains the validated Field.
    Validation FieldShows the Fields that are used to validate Fields in the first column.
  4. Select or clear these check boxes as they apply:
    • Foreign Key

      Enables foreign key support for selected validated Fields.

    • Localize Validation Business Object

      Enables localization support for selected Business Objects that contain validation Fields.

    • Localize Validation Field

      Enables localization support for selected validation Fields and increases each Field's size as needed.

  5. Select the Localize Fields tab to review options.

You can also choose to upgrade all items in the list or upgrade nothing.