Converting Validation Lists to Lookup Tables

The Content Optimization Tool finds all Fields that validate from a list. You can choose to convert these lists to a newly created Lookup Tables or to an existing Lookup Table that has the same values.

Important: Read the information in Optimizing Content for Localization before you use the Content Optimization Tool.

Using Lookup Tables to validate Fields is best practice for a localized system. For more information, see Globalization Best Practices.

To convert validation lists to Lookup Tables:

  1. Run the Content Optimization Tool.
  2. Select the Convert List Expressions tab.
  3. Review the recommended selections and the information in these columns:
    Lookup TableShows the new Lookup Table that will be created or the existing Lookup Table that will be used to store values.
    For Fields Shows the Fields that will be converted.
    Current Validated FieldsIf an existing Lookup Table is found, shows the Fields that will be converted to use that object.
    ValuesShows the discovered list values.
  4. Select or clear these check boxes as they apply:
    • Convert

      Converts the Fields listed in the For Fields column into a new Lookup Table (shown in the Lookup Table column), and adds Fields to the new table to store converted values.

    • Localize

      Enables localization support for the new Lookup Table and the newly created Field in the object.

  5. Select the Consolidate Lookup Tables tab to review options.

You can also choose to convert all items in the list, convert nothing, localize all, or localize nothing.