Setting a Culture for Running One-Step Actions

You can choose a specific culture to use when a One-Step Action is run. This is particularly useful for ensuring that email messages sent by a One-Step Action are translated into a specific language.

If you do not select a specific culture, the One-Step Action runs in the culture of the User who runs the One-Step Action.

To set a culture for a One-Step Action:

  1. Open the One-Step Manager.
  2. Create or edit a One-Step Action.
  3. Click the Start Graphic on the Designer Board to edit One-Step Action general properties and conditions.
  4. On the General page, select the Use a specific culture when executing the One-Step check box.
  5. Click the arrow, and then select a specific culture. Options include:
    • Select a culture from the list of enabled cultures.
    • Select a custom culture code stored in a Business Object Field. For example, you can create a Culture Field in the UserInfo table so the One-Step Action is run using the culture set for the User running the One-Step Action.