Foreign Key Configuration

Run the Health Check Tool and select the Foreign Key Configuration rule. This rule looks at all Business Object fields in the system which are flagged to use Foreign Keys and validates that those fields are configured correctly for use with foreign keys.

Good to Know

  • For Fields, a foreign key stores Field values in validated Lookup Tables as record IDs rather than text.
  • A foreign key relationship correctly links values in a Lookup Table to the validated Field.

To see information about foreign key fields:

  1. Select the Foreign Key Configuration rule when you Run the Health Check Tool.
    You see the field validation results in the report.

  2. If you get results in the report, define new foreign key relationships.

    There are examples for defining foreign key relationships if you need some help. You can also store foreign keys for fields that are validated from Lookup tables and that enforce validation. This ensures that changes to Lookup table values are updated in existing records because record IDs are used rather than text values.