Practice Exercise: Get Quick Search Configuration for Business Objects

This is the third in a series of practice exercises to help you become familiar with the Cherwell® REST API Discovery Tool. We highly recommend that you complete the following exercises before you begin:

In this exercise, you will use a Model Schema to build a basic request parameter, which will be passed into the API call.

  1. Log into the REST API Discovery Tool. See Opening the REST API Discovery Tool.
  2. Click the Searches heading to expand the list of operations.
  3. Click /api/V1/getquicksearchconfigurationforbusobs to expand the operation's details.
  4. Under Data Type, ensure Model Schema is selected. Click the box under Model Schema to set its contents as the parameter value.
    The request Value field should match the Model Schema.
  5. In the request Value field, replace the word string with the Business Object ID for Incident.

    For the procedure to get a Business Object ID, see Practice Exercise: Get Business Object Schema.

  6. Click Try it out!
    If the response data does not appear, ensure that the authentication button has been switched to On.
  7. Optional: Try calling the operation again using a different Business Object ID.