Practice Using the REST API Discovery Tool

Become familiar with the REST API Discovery Tool (Swagger) before you begin coding so that you can build a program that interacts effectively with CSM. Practice calling operations and interpreting the responses so that you are prepared to write and troubleshoot your program.

No experience with APIs is necessary to perform the practice exercises, though some programming experience will make it easier for you to grasp the concepts. A strong background in CSM is highly recommended. Work closely with your system administrator if your CSM experience is limited.

Use a test environment to perform practice exercises.

Getting the Most From the Practice Exercises

To maximize your understanding, we recommend that you progress through the exercises in order of difficulty, beginning with the simplest:

  1. Practice Exercise: Get Search Items
  2. Practice Exercise: Get Business Object Schema
  3. Practice Exercise: Get Quick Search Configuration for Business Objects
  4. Practice Exercise: Save User

Practicing on Your Own

In addition to the provided practice exercises, you may practice calling any of the API operations on your own by inputting the required parameters and generating JSON responses. To help interpret response data, consider using an online JSON viewer.