Configure File Access Settings

Use the File Access page in the Security Settings window (in CSM Administrator) to configure the following global file access settings for any file operations (and therefore all users):

  • File Types.
  • Folder Access.

    Configure file access settings:

  1. Open CSM Administrator and select Security > Edit security settings.
  2. Select File Access.
  3. Select the checkbox for Enable file access configuration.
    The settings for File Types and Folder Access are now available.
  4. Configure access to file types:

  5. Choose one of the following options:
    • Allow any files: Select this option to allow CSM to access and use all files regardless of type.
    • Only allow files with the following extensions: Select this option to restrict CSM (and therefore its users) solely to files with specific extensions. Enter a list of file extensions separated by commas (example: .txt, .csv, .docx, .xlsx).
    • Allow files with any extension except: Select this option to allow CSM (and therefore its users) to access all files except for those with specific extensions (example: .config, .db, .mdf, .ldf). Enter a list of file extensions separated by commas.
  6. Configure access to folders:

  7. Select Add to enter folder paths that CSM is allowed to access (example: c:\temp, c:\data).
  8. Select OK.