About Overwatch

CherwellOverwatch provides a centralized place to manage CSM settings.

Overwatch is a Windows service included when you install the Cherwell Server. You can continue to use Cherwell Server Manager to update CSM Services, but those updates will now be stored in Overwatch. Settings managed in web.config files in previous versions of CSM are now made in Overwatch.

In addition to handling settings changes made through the Cherwell Server Manager, you can access Overwatch via Command-Line Configuration to control other settings, like web.config settings, which are not available in Server Manager. You will find this especially useful if your on-premise implementation uses Redis and multiple front-end services, as Overwatch is now the single place to update settings for all servers.

Configure Overwatch itself via the Cherwell Server Manager. If you want to connect to Overwatch running on a different server, provide the info there. When you update them, restart all services. Restart IIS from an Administrator prompt to ensure services are recycled correctly.