Configure Global Help Settings

Use Global Help system settings to provide an alternate help site to your users and customize support contact settings. Access Global Help settings from CSM Administrator (Settings > Edit System Settings > Help).

Setting Description
Alternate Help Site Define a custom Help System or site. After selecting the Alternate Help Site checkbox, provide an alternate help system URL.
Pass Parameters Select the Pass Parameters checkbox to enable passing parameters for the provided help system URL.
Show Process and Terminology Help Enables Process and Terminology Help in CSM. Process and terminology Help text is defined in the Process and Terminology pages in the Business Object Properties or Field Properties windows.
Disable Reporting Error By default, CSM allows users to send a Report Error email to Cherwell. Select the Disable Reporting Error checkbox to disable the send error reports feature.
Alternate Report Error E-mail Provide a custom email address for error reports to be sent to instead of the default Cherwell email address.
Alternate Support Phone Number Provide a custom Support Team phone number instead of the default Cherwell phone number.

The Cherwell phone number will remain in several error messages when directly contacting Cherwell is the best way to solve those problems.