Configuring Trusted Agent for Request Routing

Before you configure request routing, you must:

  1. Configure Trusted Agent.
  2. Trusted Agent.
  3. Configure Trusted Agent service groups.

To configure the Trusted Agent Service scale-out for request routing:

  1. Configure service groups as described in Trusted Agent.
  2. Create a new Blueprint.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • For LDAP, go to Tools>Directory Services, and then edit your LDAP connection.
    • For Windows domains, go to Tools>Windows Domains, and then edit your domain connection.
  4. Verify the Trusted Agents page is configured to have authentication requests properly routed.

    Trusted Agent Service scale-out: Map Active Directory window - General page

  5. Select the Trusted Agents page.
    Verify that the requests are routed to the correct Trusted Agent group. For example, Colorado domain requests can be routed to the Colorado Trusted Agent group by selecting that group when configuring the Colorado LDAP settings.