Trusted Agent

Trusted Agent offers cross-network access between CSM servers and other private resources, such as LDAP directories, mail servers, and relational databases. An enabled Trusted Agent connects to CSM servers using firewall friendly protocols. The CSM servers then call the Trusted Agent to perform operations on their behalf.

For example, Trusted Agent:

  • Provides CSM SaaS customers secure access between resources on their private network and the Cherwell data center.
  • Enables secure access to private resources across networks in your organization.
  • Enables secure access between a Cherwell partner's CSM network and private resources on your network.

The following diagram provides an example of one possible Trusted Agent configuration. While other deployment architectures are possible, this diagram provides a simple visual representation of the relationship between the components.

Features That Can Use Trusted Agent

Trusted Agent supports integration with several different kinds of private resources. The table below summarizes these supported types of resources and the CSM operations that can be performed with each. You can create service groups to control which private resources use Trusted Agent and to route requests to each service group. For more information, see Trusted Agent.

Private Resource Type CSM Operations

All email operations within CSM.

LDAP Directory

LDAP Authentication.

LDAP-mapped user import.

LDAP-mapped Business Object import.

One-Step Actions

The following Action types:

  • Print
  • Run a Program
  • Run a Report
  • Write to a File
  • Transfer Attachments
  • Call a Web Service
  • Excel Merge
External databases (relational database)

Bulk import of mapped Business Objects.

Linked data imports are not supported at this time.

Windows Domain

Windows Authentication.