Verify that a Trusted Agent Hub is Operational

When enabled and operational, a Trusted Agent Hub responds with a message at a relative URL:/SignalR/Hubs. If you do not receive this file when you access this URL, the Trusted Agent Hub is not operational.

For example, if your CSM Browser Client is accessible at this URL:

The Trusted Agent Hub uses this URL:

This URL responds with a message similar to this example:

/*! * ASP.NET SignalR Javascript Library v2.2.2 * * * Copyright (c) .NET Foundation. All rights reserved. * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 * */

To fix this issue:

  • Verify that Trusted Agent is enabled in the Cherwell Server Manager.

    For SaaS customers, Cherwell Support must perform this step.

  • Restart Internet Information Services (IIS) or the CSM Browser Client web application.