App Distribution Configurations

Use the App distribution > App configuration page to view existing app configurations or create a new one. An app configuration defines whether an app should Install once or if it should Always require to be installed.

  • Install once: If the app has been installed correctly, it will not be reinstalled. There is a default "System - install once" configuration that is not editable but that you can use.
  • Always required to be installed: Each time the app distribution engine runs, it will install this app. Use this for important apps that you want to always be available. If an app is always required to be installed and a user uninstalls it, the app will be reinstalled automatically. You should create an Always require to be installed configuration that package creators can use.

    As a general rule when using this option, configure detection rules in the package action builder that check if the app is already installed. If there are no detection rules, each time the app distribution engine runs (every four hours by default), it will rerun the entire app, including executing the installer again.

More app configuration options will be added in future releases.