Application Control Overview

Ivanti offers a complete portfolio of solutions for controlling the use of software applications and devices in your computing environment.

Ivanti Device and Application Control solutions include:

  • Device Control, which prevents unauthorized transfer of applications and data by controlling access to input and output devices, such as memory sticks, modems, and PDAs.
  • Device Control client for Embedded Devices, which moves beyond the traditional desktop and laptop endpoints to a variety of platforms that include ATMs, industrial robotics, thin clients, set-top boxes, network area storage devices and the myriad of other systems.
  • Application Control, which delivers granular control of application execution in an enterprise environment.
  • Application Control Terminal Services Edition, which extends application control to Citrix® or Microsoft Terminal Services ® environments that share applications among multiple users.
  • Application Control Server Edition, which delivers application control to protect enterprise servers, such as web servers, e-mail servers, and database servers.
  • Product Overview
    Ivanti Device and Application Control software is based on a multi-tier software architecture that processes and stores data for Application Control and Device Control. Users can interact with the application through the client interface. A separate Management Console provides a user interface for network administrators.
  • Application Control Server, Database and Client Process
    The Application Server communicates between the database and the protected client computers.
  • System Requirements
    Describes the minimum system requirements necessary for successful installation of Ivanti Device and Application Control and the languages supported by the client.

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