Using Modules

Device Control modules are based upon the type of user access or software authorization rules that you want to establish. Using the Management Console you can access to the Device Control modules.

Depending on the task, you may use one of the following modules in the Management Console Control Panel:

  • Exe Explorer to explore a few directories or files.
  • Database Explorer to explore previously authorized files already stored in the database.
  • User Explorer to manage user and user group assignments to file groups.
  • Scan Explorer to explore a computer using a predefined scanning template.
  • Log Explorer to explore and analyze user activity logs.
  • Working with Scan Explorer
    Using the Scan Explorer module you can create a template and scan a target computer that runs the client.
  • Working with the Exe Explorer
    You can use the Exe Explorer module to create a list of executable files, scripts, and macros that you want to authorize.
  • Working with User Explorer
    You can use the User Explorer module to control user access to authorized software.
  • Working with Database Explorer
    The Database Explorer module is the primary tool for viewing and managing database records as well as creating and maintaining file group relationships.
  • Working with Log Explorer
    Every endpoint protected by Ivanti Device and Application Control generates activity logs for administrator and user-defined client actions. The information in these logs is sent to the Application Server and can be viewed through the Log Explorer module of the Management Console.

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