Using the Authorization Wizard

The Authorization Wizard tool is used for performing an initial inventory of existing software applications that can be authorized for use.

Ivanti Device and Application Control allows the operating system determine whether a file is executable and then checks the digital signature against the central file authorization list. Ivanti Device and Application Control provides several strategies for authorizing executable files, scripts, and macros including:

  • Central authorization using digital signatures.
  • Central authorization using file paths and trusted owners.
  • Local authorization providing local users limited rights to authorize executable files, scripts, and macros to run on a specific user computer.

Scripts and macros are more difficult to identify than executable files. Ivanti Device and Application Control recognizes and centrally manages the following types of scripts and macros:

  • VBScripts and JScripts that are interpreted by the Windows Script Host that have the .vbs or .js extension.
  • Scripts interpreted by cscript.exe and wscript.exe.
  • Visual Basic scripts that run within Microsoft Office and other host applications.

The Authorization Wizard is an administrative tool that you can use to build an initial list of centrally authorized application files.

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