My Computer Page

You launch the Encrypt Medium utility from the Windows My Computer page.

Prerequisites – attach a removable storage device for encryption.

You use this page and task steps only when you have a device continuously attached to the computer running the Device Control client. For example, you attach device that you decrypt and decide to re-encypt without removing the device from the computer.

If you detach and reattach the device to the computer running the Device Control client, the Encrypt Medium will automatically launch, and you will not see this page.

  1. Select My Computer.
    The My Computer page opens.
  2. Right-click the name of the device listed under Devices with Removable Storage.
    A right-mouse menu opens.
  3. From the right-mouse menu, click Encrypt Medium.
  4. Click Next.
    Depending upon the encryption method options authorized by your administrator:
    • The Select Access Method page opens for access to portable and non-portable encryption.
    • The User Access to Device page opens for access to enforced portable encryption.
    • The Start Encryption page opens for access to enforced non-portable encryption.

    Important: Portable encryption is available for devices containing storage up to 2 TB.

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