Select Access Method Page

The Select Access Method page provides options for encrypting devices based on device volume size.

The Select Access Method page is only available for the non-portable (internal use only) and the combined portable- non-portable encryption access options that are configured by the network administrator.

  1. Specify a user access method by selecting one of the following options shown on the Select Access Method page.
  2. Option


    Encrypt for portable use (2 TB limit)

    Allows use of an encrypted device on any computer running Microsoft® Windows®. This encryption access method is called Portable.

    Encrypted for internal use (no capacity limit)

    Allows use of devices only inside your network on computers that run are managed by Device Control. There is no limit to the capacity for the encrypted device. This encryption access method is called Non-portable.

  3. Click Next.
    The User Access to Device page opens, if you are using the portable encryption access method. If you are using the non-portable access method, the Data Integrity page opens if the device contains data, you have Read permission, and the default option to retain data during encryption is enabled.

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