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Software Inventory

Discovery Managers, Discovery Analysts, and Configuration Managers can access the Software Inventory workspace. You can do the following tasks using this workspace:

To view software that has been discovered by audit, identifying where it is installed and the number of installations:

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Discovery Manager.

2.Open the Software Inventory workspace. This workspace displays a list of software applications discovered, including attributes such as manufacturer, name, version, and language/locale.

3.View the Installations column for the number of installations of the software.

4.Select and open the software application record to view further details, including the names of machines on which the software is installed.

5.Check License Required or Unauthorized as appropriate.

6.Click the Installed On tab to see the computers on which the software is installed.

The number of computer records that appear in the Installed On tab match the number of installations shown in the Installations column in the list view.

Categorizing Software by Property

All software within the software inventory is categorized as either primary, secondary, or Greynet.

Primary software is usually licensed, and commonly used software that is installed at your company. This type of software is often managed through Service Manager.

Secondary software is any software you choose not to designate as primary.

Greynet software is software that is downloaded and installed without express permission. It is usually free or distributed without a license. It is often in wide-use in the company. Skype is one such example.

Designating Software as Primary or Secondary

Any software determined to be primary can be demoted manually to secondary and vice-versa using the new Promote to Primary and Demote to Secondary functions. These can be implemented for your installation and accessed from toolbar icons, or by using the Promote to Primary or Demote to Secondary quick actions.

Once the assignment has been changed, they can only be changed back to their prior status manually.

To access the workspace and make changes:

1.Log in to Service Manager as a Discovery Manager or Discovery Analyst.

2.Open the Software Inventory workspace. The application displays all discovered software that can be grouped by any of the columns.

3.Select an item from the list (expand the selection if needed).

4.Promote the software to primary or demote the software to secondary. To use a quick action, select an option from the No Category section of the Action Menu.

Changes are applied to the software during the next scheduled audit.

All software is re-recognized each time it is audited whether changes are made to the settings in this list or not. Information about software that was manually determined as Primary or Secondary by a user, is stored in the DB. For example, if the software was manually promoted to Primary status it remains in that state until it is manually demoted.

Other tasks that can be performed in this workspace are as follows:

Updating Inventory Settings from the Software Inventory

Greynet Software

Viewing Hardware and Software Changes

Viewing the Software Usage

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