Closing a Problem

A validation on save rule that states that a problem cannot be marked resolved or closed unless all associated change records are in the implemented, closed, canceled, denied, or deferred states (or the change is not in the logged, requested, pending approval, or scheduled states) is disabled by default.

If you need to enable this validation rule, ask your administrator to enable it for the Problem business object.

After a problem is set to resolved, you can close the record. Only Problem Managers can change a problem status to closed.

1.Log in to the application as a Problem Manager.

2.Open the Problem workspace.

3.Open the problem that you want to close.

4.Update the fields as needed.

Field Description
Resolution Action The action that resolved the problem. Select from the drop-down list.
Resolution Description A description of how the problem was resolved.
Workaround Optional. If a workaround was found, enter its description and the steps taken.
Status The new status of the problem. Select closed from the drop-down list.

5.Major problems require a problem review at this time.

To conduct a problem review, do the following:

Create a major problem review task.

Select a Problem Review Board.

Upon completion of the review, document the review result and attach the document to the problem record.

For more information, see Working with the Problem Review Board.

6.Click Save.

All linked incidents are set to resolved status. After a problem is set to closed, the cost of the problem is updated by rolling up the cost of all associated tasks.

The time specified in the Actual Effort field of each completed task is rolled up to show the total time spent on the problem in the Time field.