Configuring Self Service Home Pages for Managed Service Providers

You can customize the Self Service home pages for different roles and/or organization units. The organization unit can either be internal department or an external organization.

This feature is available in Ivanti Neurons for ITSM from version 2021.1 onwards.

Customizing the Self Service Home Page

1.Apply the package available in the MarketPlace.

For more information on which package to install and the packages' MarketPlace links, see Configuring Vanity URL.

2.Enable the Global Constant.

a. Log in to Neurons for ITSM as an Administrator.
b. Open the Configuration console > Global Constant > set Config Homepage for MSP as True.
c. Set EnableMSPUserValidation as True.

If the value of the Global constant is False, then application will work the same way it did before 2021.1 release.

3.Configure the Self Service Mobile portal from the Configuration console > Style Editor.

The configuration is done with the combination of OrgUnit and Role when the Vanity URL package is applied.

A user belonging to an OrgUnit cannot log in using the vanity URL of another OrgUnit. If the Orgunit has child units, then the users belonging to child OrgUnits can access the vanity URL of the parent OrgUnit. Though the main tenant URL is accessible to all users in any OrgUnit.

For more information, see Styling the Self Service Mobile portal.

4.Configure the Self Service home pages for Managed Service Providers.

a. Log in to the Self Service Mobile portal as an Administrator.
b. Select the Role and Org Unit for which you want to customize the pages.
c. Click the Settings icon and edit the widgets as need be.

The users belonging to specific OrgUnits will view pages as configured for their OrgUnit.

For more information, see Configuring Vanity URL.