Ivanti Voice Deployment Process

To Deploy Ivanti Voice After Installing:

1.Use the Management Portal to configure the Ivanti Voice SIP Soft Switch component, including the Dial Plan. Refer to SIP Soft Switch Configuration.

2.Create user profiles for all Ivanti Voice users and configure the address books. Refer to User Configuration.

3.Use the Management Portal to configure the Ivanti Voice Voice Server component. Refer to Voice Server Configuration.

4.If you purchased Contact Center licenses, configure the Contact Center server. Refer to Contact Center Server Configuration.

5.If your business requires one or more custom voice applications, use Application Builder to create them. Refer to Voice Application Design. Ivanti Voice ships with three UM applications that suit the basic voice application needs of most non-contact center businesses.

6.If you create a new voice application, use Application Selector to register the voice application with Ivanti Voice and configure how Ivanti Voice uses it. Refer to Voice Application Selection.

7.Use the Management Portal to configure the UM server-wide settings. Refer to Unified Messaging Configuration.

8.Configure each installation of the Communicator softphone and all SIP-enabled desktop phones in your environment. Refer to Phone Configuration.

After the deployment is complete, use the Management Console and Log Viewer to monitor Ivanti Voice activity. At any time you can make individual changes to your deployment according to your business and network needs without repeating the entire deployment process. Changes typically include adding endpoints to your dial plan as your business expands, modifying voice applications in Application Builder, changing network settings to accommodate greater bandwidth, updating user profile information, etc.