SIP Soft Switch Configuration

This topic describes SIP Soft Switch (also referred to as the SIP server) configuration. The installation wizard completes many of these configurations; however, you might need to change one or more settings for your particular environment or business needs.

SIP Soft Switch configuration includes:

General SIP Soft Switch Configuration

CDR and CAM Configuration

Dial Plan Implementation

Configure Phone Entries

Gateway and Trunk Entries

Special Numbers

Phone Groups

Class of Restrictions (COR)

Authorization Codes

User Codes

NAT Configuration

Load Balancing

To Access the SIP Soft Switch Configuration Controls:

1.Open the Management Portal: Start > Programs > Ivanti, Inc. > Communications Management > Management Portal.

2.Log in with system administrator credentials. The defaults are:

username = admin

password = password

3.On the Management Portal menu window, click System Configuration.

4.Click SIP Soft Switch in the left column. The SIP Soft Switch configuration links appear.