Voice Application Blocks

The Ivanti Voice Application Builder contains building blocks specifically designed for creating voice applications for the Ivanti Voice SaaS environment:

FRS SaaS Run QuickAction Block - Runs a QuickAction, such as calling a Web Service.

FRS SaaS Screenpop Definition Block - Governs the SaaS screenpop action when a call is routed to an agent. The block enables you to configure both the Caller Info screenpop and the Call Context screenpop.

Other blocks available on the Integrations tab can also be used in voice applications within the Ivanti Voice environment for the specific SaaS application; refer to the following topics for details:

FRS Foundation Alpha Search Block

FRS Foundation Create Block

FRS Foundation Journal Voice Block

FRS Foundation Search Block

FRS Foundation Next Item Block

FRS Foundation Update Block

Web Screenpop Block

Sample voice applications are provided in the Ivanti Voice Application Builder. For information about copying, then editing (Ivanti, Inc. does not recommend directly editing the sample voice applications) the voice applications or creating a new application, refer to Voice Application Design.

Timeout Configuration

HTTP timeouts may be encountered while communicating with ITSM SaaS servers. The timeout could occur for various reasons including resolving the domain name, establishing a connection to the server, sending the data, or when receiving the response.

In the event of such a timeout, SaaS integration blocks invoke a conditional exit labeled “timeout occurred”. The network may return multiple error codes for the timeout.

It is possible to configure the timeout error codes using the TimeOutErrCode element under the SaaS configuration. One common error code (-2147012894) for timeout is included by default.



<SaaS Enable="true">


<Connection Comment="" FoundationSync="1" ………../>


<TimeOutErrCode>-2147012894 </TimeOutErrCode>