Streamlined Deployment of Third-Party Updates

Patch for Configuration Manager can quickly deploy published third-party updates to your endpoints. The process is quicker and easier than performing the same actions within Configuration Manager. This is particularly important when you need to quickly distribute time sensitive updates such as zero-day vulnerability updates and critical business-related updates to your clients. Here's a quick comparison of the deployment process in both products.

  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager: The deployment workflow requires many steps and mixes third-party updates with other updates that have been published. You need to search for the third-party updates that you want to deploy, and the entire process can be quite time consuming.
  • Ivanti Patch for Configuration Manager: The streamlined deployment, once it is configured, becomes a one-click publish and deployment process that is fully integrated with Configuration Manager. You can deploy your third-party updates without leaving the Patch for Configuration Manager workspace. You can specify when the deployed updates will be available to your clients. This includes the option to deploy the updates as soon as possible, something that is not easy to do in Configuration Manager.

Overview of the Streamlined Deployment Process

The desired updates are selected from within the Published Third-Party Updates workspace and then deployed using a deployment profile. The updates will be downloaded to one or more distribution points and pushed out to your endpoints using your regular Configuration Manager infrastructure.

There are two steps to the process:

  • Create or edit a deployment profile
  • Deploy the updates using a profile