Downloading the Latest Catalog Files

This section describes how to:

I. Use the File Downloader PowerShell script to download the latest version of the catalog file(s) from an Internet-connected machine.

II. Manually move the files to the proper folder on the console machine.

On Your Internet-Connected Machine

  1. Start a Windows PowerShell console.
    Be sure to run as administrator.
  2. Change to the directory that contains the PowerShell script.
  3. Use the PowerShell script to download the catalog files.
  4. For example:

    PS C:\> .\DownloadDisconnectedData.ps1 –outdir “C:\Dwnloads” –product “Patch” –version 24 –dwnlNewDataFileOnly

  5. Copy the files from the \DataFiles sub-folder of the output directory to a portable storage device.
    In the example above, the catalog files will be found in the “C:\Dwnloads\DataFiles” directory.

On the Console Machine

  1. Paste the downloaded catalog files to the Patch folder on your console machine.
    The default location of this folder is: C:\Users\<username>\Ivanti\Patch.
  2. Launch Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, select the Ivanti Patch workspace and then click the refresh icon ( ).

Your catalog files are now up to date. You can verify version information on the Settings > About tab.

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