Downloading the Latest Catalog Files

This section describes how to:

I. Use the File Downloader PowerShell script to download the latest version of the catalog file(s) from an Internet-connected machine.

II. Manually move the files to the proper folder on the console machine.

On Your Internet-Connected Machine

1.Start a Windows PowerShell console.

Be sure to run as administrator.

2.Change to the directory that contains the PowerShell script.

3.Use the PowerShell script to download the catalog files.

For example:

PS C:\> .\DownloadDisconnectedData.ps1 –outdir “C:\Dwnloads” –product “Patch” –version 24 –dwnlNewDataFileOnly

4.Copy the files from the \DataFiles sub-folder of the output directory to a portable storage device.

In the example above, the catalog files will be found in the “C:\Dwnloads\DataFiles” directory.

On the Console Machine

1.Paste the downloaded catalog files to the Patch folder on your console machine.

The default location of this folder is: C:\Users\<username>\Ivanti\Patch.

2.Launch Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, select the Ivanti Patch workspace and then click the refresh icon ( ).

Your catalog files are now up to date. You can verify version information on the Settings > About tab.

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