This section provides a roadmap of tasks you must perform when manually managing your catalog file(s) and your update binary files in a disconnected environment.

If you are using Patch for MEM in a secure, disconnected environment, you will use the Settings > Offline Options dialog to put Patch for MEM into offline mode. This means the console will not attempt to download newer catalog and update files. Offline mode is typically used by sites that require the use of fixed versions of data that have been approved for use. It is also useful if your security policy requires you to perform actions without downloading data files from the Web.

There are certain restrictions when operating Patch for MEM in offline mode:

You cannot download updates directly using the Download button or by right-clicking an update.

You cannot publish updates that have not been manually downloaded and moved to the Local Source folder.

When in offline mode, you must manually download your catalog file(s) and your update binary files from an Internet-connected machine and then move the files to your console machine. You perform these tasks with the help of the File Downloader PowerShell script. See the sections that follow for information on installing and using this script.

The script does not currently support the use of the Application catalog. Support for the deployment of third-party applications in disconnected networks will be provided in a future release.

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