Synchronizing Third-Party Applications with Configuration Manager and Intune

Patch for Configuration Manager can deploy a number of free third-party applications to your endpoints, including:

  • 7-Zip
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Firefox
  • Zoom Client
  • And more . . .

You do this by selecting the desired applications from the Application catalog and then creating a scheduled task that will import them into Configuration Manager and/or Microsoft Intune. Your normal Configuration Manager or Intune processes are then used to deploy the applications. Each subsequent time that the scheduled task is run, it will check to see if additional applications have been selected to be imported and it will check for updates to existing applications that have been previously deployed.

You cannot add to or edit the Application catalog that is provided by Ivanti. If you want to add or edit applications, do the following:
- In Configuration Manager, use the Application Management > Application workspace
- In Intune, go to and use the Apps section