Downloading the Desired Update Binary Files

This section describes how to:

I. Specify which updates you want to download and publish.

II. Download the desired updates from an Internet-connected machine.

III. Move the update files to your console machine.

On the Console Machine

  1. Make sure the console is in offline mode.
    On the Settings > Offline Options dialog, enable the Run disconnected check box.
  2. Make sure you have the latest catalog files (see the previous section titled Downloading the Latest Catalog Files).
  3. From the Ivanti Patch > Updates workspace, select the updates that you want to download.
  4. Click Download.
    The Offline Downloads dialog is displayed. This dialog is automatically displayed whenever you attempt to download a file from a Patch for Configuration Manager console that is in offline mode.
  5. On the Offline Downloads dialog, click Create file.
    An XML data file (<GUID>.xml) is created in your temp folder (defined by your %TEMP% variable; e.g. C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\). The data file contains information that will be used by the File Downloader PowerShell script. The file tells the script which updates to download and which related files must also be downloaded in order to successfully install the updates. Any updates already contained in the local source folder will be ignored and will not be included in the data file.
  6. Copy the XML data file from the output folder to a portable storage device.

On an Internet-Connected Machine That Contains the File Downloader PowerShell Script

  1. Paste the downloaded XML data file to your Internet-connected machine.
  2. Start a Windows PowerShell console.
    Be sure to run as administrator.
  3. Change to the directory that contains the File Downloader PowerShell script.
  4. Use the PowerShell script to download the update binary files.
  5. For example:

    PS C:\> .\DownloadDisconnectedData.ps1 –outdir “C:\Data”

    -product “Patch” -doNOTDwnlDataFile

    –downloadPackageInputFilePath “C:\UpdatesToDownload\


    The output directory will be created by the PowerShell script. A sub-folder named \Updates will be created within the specified output directory and the updates will be written to that folder. Any update binary file that is already contained in the \Updates folder will not be downloaded again. You should check the status of each downloaded update. If an update is no longer available from the vendor, or if the vendor has replaced the file at the download URL, a message will be displayed.

  6. Copy the \Updates folder to a portable storage device.

On the Console Machine

The \Updates folder will contain a number of GUID folders (one for each update that you downloaded). Paste the GUID folders from the portable storage device to the Local Source folder on the console. The location of the Local Source folder is defined on the Settings > Offline Options tab.

Important! Do not paste the entire Updates folder to the Local Source folder; rather, paste just the contents of the Updates folder.

The selected updates can now be published from the offline console machine.

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