Patch for SCCM

License Tab

The License tab provides detailed information about your current product license key. If no information is being shown it means you have not licensed the program and you should use the Enter / refresh license key button to activate your license. You can also use the Enter / refresh license key button to provide an upgraded license key and to refresh an expiring key. See the sections below for instructions on how to enter your license key.

Once you have entered a valid license, the program will immediately access and download the full Patch for SCCM catalog. After that, the program will automatically check for a new catalog on a periodic basis.

The program will notify you if your license key has expired or is set to expire within the next 60 days.

The license activation key on this tab is eligible to be shared with all users of the product. For more information, see Shared Settings Tab.

How to Enter a License Key

Until you activate Patch for SCCM, you will be very limited in the actions you are allowed to perform. To activate Patch for SCCM, follow the instructions in the section below that represents your environment.

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