Working with Detectoids

You do not typically need to be concerned with detectoids in Patch for Configuration Manager. If an update requires detectoids, Patch for Configuration Manager will automatically publish those detectoids when you publish the update. By default, detectoids are not displayed in the Patch for Configuration Manager user interface. If you are working with an update catalog that contains detectoids, you can view and publish them as follows:

  • To view detectoids in the Updates workspace, use the *Detectoids filter.
  • You can also create a custom filter that references the Detectoid column.

  • To see if an update contained in the top pane is a detectoid, use the Detectoid column.
  • To view detailed information about a detectoid, select the detectoid in the top pane and view its details in the lower pane.
  • To publish a detectoid, follow the same process used to publish an update.
  • There is nothing to download for a detectoid so the publication process is usually very quick.

  • You cannot view detectoids in the Published Third-Party Updates workspace.
  • To see which detectoids have been published, in the Updates workspace, use the *Detectoids filter and then view the Published column.

  • You cannot edit, expire or delete a detectoid using Patch for Configuration Manager.