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Configure Global Table Attributes data connections

Use Global Table Attributes data connections to synchronize people table attributes with an external Data Source.

Properties tab

Field Explanation and Tips
Select Attribute Select the global table attribute that you want to synchronize with an external Data Source.
Data Source Select the Data Source that contains the external data that you want to synchronize.

Mappings tab

On this tab, you specify which external data you want to synchronize and how.

Field Explanation and Tips
Allow deletes Select this option to allow the synchronization of the data connection to delete data that is currently in the table attribute, if that data is no longer in the Data Source.
Table Attribute Field and Data Source Field Using these columns, map the fields in the table attribute to the fields in the external data.
  • Identity Director tries to match fields based on the field names, and creates mappings for matched fields.
    • You can edit or delete the mappings created by Identity Director.
    • You must manually create mappings for columns that are added after the data connection is created.
    • You must manually update the mapping for a column, if the name of the column changes.
    • Automatic mapping is only performed when you create the data connection, and after you delete all mappings (created automatically and manually).
  • You can add mappings for fields that Identity Director did not match.
  • You can use placeholders and functions to create custom patterns.
    Combine the FirstName and LastName fields from a Data Source in the Name field of a people table attribute. 

Add criteria group

Use this option if you want to map data from multiple columns in a Data Source, to multiple rows in one column of a table attribute.

  • Each field in the table attribute can only be mapped once per group.
  • Not all fields have to be included in every group.

Import data from the columns Address1 and Address2 from a Data Source as multiple rows in the Addresses column in a table attribute.

Diagnostics tab

On this tab, you can view information about the previous synchronization, including its duration and the number of affected records.

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