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Configure organization data connections

Use organization data connections to synchronize organizational context and existing Organizational Attributes.
You can also use organization data connections to synchronize Active Directory groups with the same name, but located in different OUs.

Properties tab

In the Data Source field, specify the Data Source that contains the external data that you want to synchronize.

Mappings tab

Specify which external data you want to synchronize and how.

Field Explanation and Tips
Look up on Specify the search method for organizational context in the external data.

Place in

Specify the organizational context in Identity Director in which the synchronized data should be placed. Organizational Attributes related to this organizational context are also shown in the Property to set column.

  • You can only map to Organizational Attributes at this level, not to subitems.
  • You can only set the values of existing Organizational Attributes. To add new Organizational Attributes, you need to create them manually or synchronize them with Organizational Attribute data connections.
Path separator Specify the separator that is used in the external data. This field is only relevant if the data connection looks up on Name or Path + Name.
Ignore duplicates, Automatically create path, Allow updates and Allow deletes Additional synchronization options, particularly useful if you have synchronized the data connection before.
  • The options Allow updates and Allow deletes also apply to the values of the Organizational Attributes.


View information about the previous synchronization, including its duration and the number of affected records.

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