Add Verification Code Validation to a Password Reset service

The description below assumes that you have completed the instructions described in the topic 'Import the Building Blocks'.

  1. In the Management Portal, click Setup > Login Page Services > Password Reset.
  2. If you have not already done this, configure Password Reset as described in Scenario 1: E-mail or Scenario 2: Security questions.
  3. On the Verification Code tab:
    • Enable Verification Code Validation.
    • In the Service field, select the service Generate and send verification code.
    • Optionally, select Limit the number of attempts to limit the number of attempts a user can make to provide a verification code during a password reset.
      • In the Maximum number of attempts field, configure a maximum number from 1-999.
        If the user exceeds the limit, the workflow action in the service that validates the verification code will fail.
    • Optionally, Select organizational context to determine the users to whom the Verification Code Validation applies.
    • Optionally, adjust the texts in the other Verification Code Validation fields to your situation.
  4. Save the changes.

You have now added verification code validation to your configuration.