Scenario 1: E-mail

In this scenario, users can reset their Active Directory password using their private e-mail address. In this scenario, a new password will be generated automatically.

Sign up for password resets

Before users can reset their password, they need to sign up for password resets by registering a private e-mail address. If the privacy policies of your organization prohibit this, use Scenario 2: Security questions, which enables password resets using security questions.

Sign up e-mail password reset

  1. The user requests the service that signs up for password resets.
  2. The user provides a private e-mail address.
  3. The user receives a confirmation e-mail at this address.
  4. After confirmation, the e-mail address is registered for password resets.

Perform password resets

After registration, users can reset their password.

Perform password reset e-mail

  1. The user clicks the Password Reset link.
  2. The user identifies himself.
  3. The user receives a confirmation e-mail at a private e-mail address.
  4. A service automatically generates a new password.
  5. The user receives this password at the private e-mail address, after which they can sign in again.
To set up this scenario:
  1. Configure the service that registers a private e-mail address
  2. Configure the service that generates and e-mails a new password
  3. Configure the Password Reset settings
  4. Testing scenario 1: E-mail