Scenario 3: Add verification code validation

Optionally, you can add verification code validation to password resets. This ensures that password resets can occur as securely as possible.

In this scenario, the verification code will be sent via SMS. This requires SMS integration (not covered in detail in this document):

  • Configure a Run Book that can send text messages via SMS to a user. The mobile phone number of your users must be known in your Identity Director environment, for example stored in a people attribute Mobile Phone.
  • Include parameters for:
    • The people attribute that holds the mobile phone number of the subscriber to the service.
    • The service attribute that generates the verification code.

Perform password resets with verification code validation

Verification code validation adds an extra check to authenticate the identity of the user who requests a password reset.

Scenario 3: Verification Code Validation

  1. The user clicks the Password Reset link.
  2. The user receives an e-mail or SMS with a verification code.
  3. The user provides the verification code.
  4. After confirmation, the password is reset according to the scenario you implemented.
To set up this scenario:
  1. Configure the service that sends a verification code
  2. Add Verification Code Validation to a Password Reset service
  3. Testing scenario 3: Verification code validation