Configure smart rules for subordinates of the subscriber

In the Management Portal at Data Model > Smart Rules, configure sets of criteria that dynamically determine a group of people.

A smart rule for Subordinates of the Subscriber generates a list of people who have the subscriber as their manager. This smart rule can be used (for example) to define the people listed in a delegated administration panel in the Web Portal and in several workflow actions.

For this rule to work, a people attribute must exist that specifies the manager of a person.


Properties tab

Look up subordinates on

Specify the people attribute that stores information about the manager of a person. Identity Director determines the subordinates of the subscriber by matching the people identifier specified at Using this identifier of subscriber (below) with the people attribute you select here.

Using this identifier of subscriber

Specify the method that identifies people in your environment.

Diagnostics tab


Specify a Subscriber to view who matches the rule. Only the top 100 results are displayed. The subscriber must have the respective managers defined in her attributes that match the conditions defined in the rule: at least a manager must be found in the attribute by using the specified identifier.

Manager of Subscriber and Subordinate to Subscriber both work with the managers listed in the Subscriber’s attributes. This means that for either of them to work, the managers must be listed among the subscriber’s attributes.

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