Use the Mobile Clients

With the Mobile Clients, mobile employees can view, request and manage corporate applications and services from iOS and Android mobile devices. Managers can easily use the app to approve requests for services and order relevant services on behalf of employees.

You can download the Mobile Clients from the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). You can find the app as Ivanti Identity Director.

The Mobile Gateway is used by the Mobile Clients to access the data that is needed for the mobile representation of the Web Portal. The Mobile Gateway is deployed in IIS as the web application Ivanti > Mobile. For example, if you install the Mobile Gateway with a hostname, the web application can be accessed with the Mobile Client at

  • You can configure your DNS server to allow Mobile Client users to connect with their e-mail address.
  • The language in which the Mobile Client starts up depends on the user's regional settings of the operating system. The default language (US English) is used if no match is found.
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