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How Do I . . .?:  Get Started Scanning and Patching Windows Machines

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A video tutorial is available on this topic. To access the video, click the following link:

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Overview Information

Scanning for and deploying missing patches is easy! You simply do the following:


A) Create and Configure a Machine Group

The quickest way to evaluate many machines at once is to create and configure a machine group. For details, see Creating a New Machine Group, Configuring a Machine Group, and Supplying Credentials for Target Machines.

B) Perform a Scan of the Machine Group

After creating and configuring the machine group, to initiate a patch scan you simply click Run Operation. On the Agentless Operation page, verify the default options and then click Scan Now. This will immediately begin a scan of all machines in the machine group. (For other options see How to Initiate a Patch Scan.)




Review the Scan Results

Scan results are available immediately following a successful scan. For details, see Accessing Patch Scan Results.




Deploy Any Missing Patches

You can immediately deploy any patches that are missing on your machines. For details, see Deploying One or More Patches.



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