Testing the Deployment

Security Controls includes the ability to perform a test deployment to one or more machines. This is especially useful if you intend to schedule a patch deployment for a later time. Testing the deployment allows you to correct any potential problems in a deployment and make it less likely that a deployment will fail.

How to Perform a Test Deployment

You perform a test deployment from Machine View or Scan View. Simply right-click the machine, machine group, or domain you want to test and then select Test patch deployment.

The test is conducted using a non-security patch named TEST-PATCH. The patch does not modify the state of the target machine. The test will exercise all of the actions in the deployment process, including:

Testing for available deployment seats

Verifying port requirements and the availability of a secure connection

Downloading and copying files to the target machine

Verifying patch signatures

Scheduling the patch task

Executing the deployment package

Delivering status messages

Test deployment results are reported in the Operations Monitor. Status messages are provided for each major step in the process.

A test deploy may fail for a number of different reasons. For example, if the workstation or scheduling services are not started in a particular machine, Security Controls cannot deploy patches to it and a test deploy will return a failing result. If a test does fail you can click the available link for information on why the test failed.