Privilege Management


Privilege Management enables enterprise IT departments to reduce access control privileges on a per user, group, application, or business rule basis. It ensures users have only the rights they need to fulfill their job and access the applications and controls they require, and nothing else, thus ensuring desktop stability, and improving security and productivity.

Privilege Management allows you to create reusable privilege management policies that can be associated with rule sets and can elevate or restrict access to files, folders, drives, file hashes, and supported Control Panel components specific to an operating system.

Common Tasks that Require Administrative Privileges

In order to fulfil their roles, users may need to perform a number of tasks that need administrative privileges. A solution must be provided to allow these tasks to be performed; otherwise the user must fulfil their role without accomplishing these specific tasks. These tasks can include:

Installing printers

Installing certain hardware

Installing particular applications

Operating applications that require administrative privileges

Changing system time

Running legacy applications

Privilege management allows the user to perform these tasks by elevating a user to have specific administrative privileges.

Do you want more information? Read all about it in the Ivanti Security Controls Help.

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