About Windows Patch View

Windows Patch View is an extremely powerful and flexible tool. It is used to create custom patch groups that enable you to scan for a particular set of patches. Windows Patch View also enables you to display detailed information about every product patch contained in the data definition file. It organizes the information so it is displayed in one comprehensive view, regardless of when the patches were released.

With Windows Patch View you can:

  • Create and maintain patch groups
  • Quickly and easily display the list of products supported and the associated patches with each product
  • Display detailed information about any patch
  • Filter the information and drill down into the table for a more detailed analysis
  • Search for specific patches or patch components
  • Perform actions on each patch
  • Quickly determine which machines have a selected patch installed or are missing a selected patch

Windows Patch View is accessed by selecting View > Windows Patches or by creating a new patch group (New > Windows Patch > Patch Group).