Creating and Editing a Windows Patch Group

To import an existing patch group, select Import > Windows Patch Group.

You can create a new patch group or modify an existing group.

  • To create a new patch group, click New > Windows Patch > Patch Group.
  • In the New Patch Group dialog, type a name that you would like to assign to this patch group, add a comment that describes the purpose of the group, and then click Save.

  • To edit an existing patch group, in the Patch Groups list, click the patch group name.
  • Be careful when editing an existing patch group. Any modifications you make will affect any scan template that references the patch group. Also, if you edit and save a patch group that is currently being used by an agent policy, the agents using that policy will be updated the next time they check in with the console.

The patch group will be displayed on the Patch Groups tab in the bottom pane of the Windows Patches dialog (also known as Windows Patch View). If this is a new patch group, the group will be empty.

Performing Actions on Patch Groups



How to add one or more patches to a patch group

There are several ways to add one or more patches to a patch group.

You cannot add product levels to a patch group. You can, however, define separate product level groups for use with agents.

  • In the top pane, right-click on the desired patch or patches, select Add to Patch Group and then choose a patch group name. For information on filtering the patches contained in the top pane, see Filtering Patch View by Patch Type, Filtering Patch View by Product Vendor, and Filtering Patch View.
  • If you attempt to add a software distribution patch, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. This is to ensure that you don't inadvertently scan for and deploy third-party applications.

  • You can import a list of patches from a text file. The text file might have been created from another patch group that you have previously exported, or it might be a file that you created manually using a program such as Notepad. The text file must contain just the KB numbers associated with each patch, one entry per line.
  • You can import a list of CVEs and add the patches that are related to those CVEs. For more information, see the Import CVEs button and the Importing CVEs help topic.
  • You can also add to a patch group from Machine View or Scan View. Select the desired patches and then use the right-click menu to create a new patch group or to add to an existing patch group.


Enables you to search for specific patches contained in a patch group. To initiate a search you simply click in the Search box and then type the text you want to find. Only those patches matching the search criteria are displayed; all other patches are hidden.

Here are some tips for using the Search tool:

  • The Search tool works only on the information currently visible in the bottom pane.
  • All partial matches are displayed.
  • The use of wildcards in the Search tool is not allowed.

Remove selected

To remove one or more patches from the patch group, select the desired patches and then click Remove selected.

Patch Group

Use this box to select the desired patch group.


Enables you to edit the name and description of the patch group.


Makes a duplicate copy of the patch group. Type a new name for the group and then click OK.

Import CVEs

Imports a list of CVEs and adds the patches that are related to those CVEs. For more information, see Importing CVEs.

Import from file

You can import a list of patches from a previously created text file. For more information, see the section above titled How to add one or more patches to a patch group.


Exports the selected patch group to a text file. This file can be imported into another patch group on the same console or on a different console.

Used By

This button shows you the patch scan templates and agent policies that are currently using this patch group. This is important to know if you are considering modifying the group, as it tells you what other areas of the program are affected.

Show patches (above) currently included in the selected Patch Group

If enabled, patches contained in the selected patch group will also be displayed in the Patch View list in the top pane. If you prefer not to view the same patches in both the Patch View list and the patch group list, then disable this check box.

How to delete a patch group

Patch groups can be deleted from the Patch Groups list in the navigation pane using the right-click menu.