About the Deployment Tracker Dialog

The Deployment Tracker dialog provides at-a-glance information pertaining to patch deployment status. The information is displayed in two lists in the right pane. The Machine progress list shows the status of deployments on a machine basis and the Patch progress list shows the status of each individual patch that is scheduled for deployment.

In order for your agentless machines to send status messages to the console, they need to know the valid name or IP address of the console. The valid names and IP addresses are defined using the Console Alias Editor and are passed to the machines when a patch deployment is initiated from the console.

You can view the current state of a deployment in either list. The states of a successful patch deployment are:

  • Copied to machine
  • Scheduled
  • Executing
  • Executed (pending reboot)
  • Pending rescan
  • Successfully installed

You can use the buttons, boxes and check boxes in the dialog to specify what deployment information is displayed in the dialog.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the content in the dialog.
  • Update speed: Specifies how often you want the patch deployment information within Deployment Tracker to be updated. Each update request causes the console to access the database and then report the information within Deployment Tracker. You may want to specify a slower update speed if you find that your database is being overtaxed by frequent update requests.
  • View deploy rules: Shows the patch deployment template rules that were used when scheduling the deployment. This button is not available if the View by days check box is enabled.
  • Show in progress: Shows the patch deployments that have not yet completed installation. If the status remains yellow, it could be an indication that the remote machine cannot communicate back to the Deployment Tracker.
  • Show failures: Shows patch deployments that didn't fully take and that require more research. The Operations Monitor may provide additional information if one of the main steps in the deployment process failed.
  • One of the more common reasons for seeing a "Failed" item in Deployment Tracker is because a patch that requires a reboot to complete was deployed but 'Never Reboot' was specified in the deployment template. If you receive a "Failed" status in Deployment Tracker, check the Patch Details for the patch in question to see if a reboot is required to complete the installation of this patch.

  • Show successfully completed: Shows the deployment tasks that have been successfully implemented.
  • View by days or deployment: Use this area to specify whether you want to view all of the deployments that have occurred over the last specified number of days or view just a specific deployment.
    • View by days: If this check box is enabled, it means that you can specify how many days' worth of deployments to show in the right pane.
    • Recent deployments: This area is only available if the View by days check box is not enabled. It enables you to select which specific patch deployment you want to see information about in the right pane. When using this area, you can only select one deployment at a time. The patch deployments that are available for selection is defined by the Tools > Options > Display > Recent items box.